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Old West Sayings – “A Wink and Nod”

Old West Sayings about a blind muleOLD WEST SAYINGS – A Wink and Nod by Stephen Bly

One of the Old West sayings went, “A wink is as good as a nod to a blind mule.” In other words, if the mule is blind, no amount of motion would motivate him. You could stomp, wave your hands, flap your hat, or kick up dirt, but might as well save your strength. That old mule won’t respond.

However, those Old West sayings concerned people more than mules. Some folks become so blind to reason that all the fancy logic in the world won’t come close to a change of mind.

The Good Book Sayings

A Bible verse canters along that same Old West sayings direction. “Do not throw your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet.” (Matthew 7:6)

Thought about that the other day as I read an editorial in the newspaper. The editor’s tirade Old West Sayings about blind mule and Bible verse about pearlsproclaimed the evils of prayer offered in public meetings. That included events such as graduation services, opening legislative sessions, before basketball games. The writer believed prayers would pervert educational and social development.

Almost wrote a response. Then I remembered the Old West sayings. Got to thinking how best to respond to such a blind mule attitude. Figured he wouldn’t get the point whether I winked or nodded, jumped up and down or waved my cowboy hat. I knew this editor. His reputation preceded him. He didn’t let facts or reason get in the way of his opinion.

Old West Sayings about blind mule and Bible verse about pearls & swineIt’s certainly not always the case. However, we need to discern those times to keep our pearls in our pockets. Save them for special occasions when a wink or nod means something.

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