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The Kill Fee of Cindy LaCoste – adventure romance novel

The Kill Fee of Cindy LaCoste – adventure romance novel
Some women plan their wedding for months. In this adventure romance novel Lynda Dawn Austin has been planning hers all her life. But right now, nothing's going right. Rodeo cowboy Brady Stoner and the New York editor may need a miracle to make it to the altar safe and sound.
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adventure romance novel - The Kill Fee of Cindy LaCoste by Stephen BlyBook 3, The Austin-Stoner Files: The Kill Fee of Cindy LaCoste, adventure romance novel by Christy Award winning author Stephen Bly

Lynda Dawn Austin and Brady Stoner’s engagement nearly goes bust two weeks before the wedding. Brady pulls a surprise that doesn’t sit too well with his bride-to-be. Then the crazy couple spends days traipsing the West to find their friend Cindy LaCoste. She ran off without explanation.  Five states, three vehicles, two horse trailers, and a one-ton bull later, they locate her. But their troubles are far from over. Someone from Brady’s past is intent on one final act of revenge. It may mean the long-awaited wedding won’t ever happen.

The wedding guests are certainly beginning to wonder if it will. The church is decorated. Everyone’s in place. Except for an essential someone who is very, very late. No one knows the reason for the delay. But one thing’s for sure: with Brady and Lynda you can never assume anything will happen like it should. Plenty of surprise and humor. Adventure romance with plenty of action. And the sweet, sweet smell of perfume.

Some reader comments about action adventure novel The Kill Fee of Cindy LaCoste:

“I can’t count how many times I have already read the Austin-Stoner files in German. I really love this couple and how you wrote the story.” Monika G., Switzerland

“We were immediately hooked on Brady and Lynda Dawn Darlin’. We especially find it amazing that you have such a good handle on writing Lynda Dawn – she’s great. Not every man author can lay claim to such talent.” Coretta, Australia


Kim Ford Christian Fiction Online Magazine author interview with Stephen Bly:

Other titles in this contemporary western adventure romance novel series include The Lost Manuscript of Martin Taylor Harrison and The Final Chapter of Chance McCall. 


adventure romance Austin-Stoner Series by Stephen Bly

The Kill Fee of Cindy LaCoste adventure romance…


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