Buffalo adventure story for boys by Stephen Bly/Bly Books

The Last Stubborn Buffalo in Nevada, Book 4, Nathan T. Riggins Series

The Last Stubborn Buffalo in Nevada, Book 4, Nathan T. Riggins Series
$6.99 Paperback
Nathan buys a buffalo for a dollar. What a bargain. Now he must find a way to keep the animal from killing someone or being killed.
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Buffalo adventures story by Stephen Bly

The Last Stubborn Buffalo in Nevada Stephen Bly

The Last Stubborn Buffalo in Nevada, Book 4, Nathan T. Riggins Western Adventure by Stephen Bly

For only a dollar, Thunder is a terrific bargain. But what does a boy do with a dangerous 2,500 pound buffalo that can break out of any corral ever built?

Nathan Riggins has to find some way to keep Thunder from killing someone or being killed. He finally decides to donate his buffalo to the Carson City Zoo. But getting him to the zoo proves to be a problem. Thunder has already destroyed one rail car and damaged the train’s engine. The railroad refuses to ship him again.

The answer comes in a surprising way. Thunder will fight a prize fighting bull.


Excerpt from The Last Stubborn Buffalo in Nevada:

“I think having a resident buffalo might be good for Galena,” Mr. Mercee said.

“Yes, sir,” Nathan replied.

“So don’t worry. I saw the corral this afternoon. It looked plenty stout to me.”

Nathan had just left Mr. Mercee when a cowboy ran up the alley and pulled a Henry repeating rifle from the scabbard of a blood-bay horse standing at the rail.

“What’s going on?” Nathan shouted.

“There’s a buffalo going wild out behind the Cimarron Club. He just leveled the outhouse and headed for the water tank.”

“What are you going to do with that Henry?” Nathan hollared.

“Shoot him, of course.” The man rushed out of the alley.

Nathan sprinted past the cowboy with the rifle to the Cimarron Club. Before a gleeful watching crowd, Hawthorne H. Miller tried to subdue Thunder with a cane in one hand and an open umbrella in the other.


Sorry, The Last Stubborn Buffalo in Nevada not available at this time through Bly Books. Plans are to re-release this book and the others in the series sometime soon.

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