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Fox Island, Hidden West Series – Contemporary Adventure Story

Fox Island, Hidden West Series – Contemporary Adventure Story
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Series: Hidden West Series, Book 0
Genres: Contemporary Fiction, Writer's Life
Tags: contemporary fiction, cozy mystery, family life, family saga, Janet Chester Bly, Stephen Bly, western adventure, women's issues
Publisher: Vine Books (Servant Publications) / Bly Books / Createspace
Publication Year: 1996 / 2016
Length: 245 pages
ISBN: 9781533613141
In this contemporary adventure story, a 50-year-old secret comes to light. Forgotten and covered over by years of quiet activity in the sleepy community of Fox Island, Washington. Now husband and wife writing team Tony and Price Shadowbrook are about to uncover the truth. Or should they?
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About the Book

Book 1, The Hidden West cozy mystery adventure story series by Stephen Bly and Janet Chester Bly

In this first adventure story in the Hidden West cozy mystery series, a 50-year-old secret comes to light. Western author Tony Shadowbrook and his university professor wife, Price, take a summer break. That doubles as a writing research trip. For their yearly co-authored travel book.  Leaving behind their twin teen daughters in Scottsdale, Arizona, they head for Fox Island, Washingtonadventure story Fox Island, Book 1 Hidden West Series. They’re in search of history and find intrigue, mystery, maybe murder, and live their own adventure story.

Now that Tony and Price Shadowbrook have uncovered troubling truth, what should they do? Say nothing? Allow the lie to live on? Or speak up and risk destroying the lives of many innocent people?

Fox Island, Book 1, is cozy mystery adventure story from The Hidden West series.


Excerpt from adventure story Fox Island:

Tony Shadowbrook stormed into the kitchen in stocking feet. His long-sleeved black-and-red Brooks & Dunn western shirt dangled, unsnapped and untucked. He waved a magazine in his left hand. “Did you read this? Some clown in Publishers Weekly never even read my book. Did you see this review?”

“Tony, do you think these earrings are too flashy for going on a plane? You know, daytime travel and all?” Price held the ornaments to her ears, pulling back the shoulder-length ash-brown hair streaked with highlights, some natural, some not.

“But listen to this…” Tony squinted close to the flying pages, his tanned face framed by a line where his cowboy hat usually perched.

“Daddy, that’s homemade oatmeal raisin chewies you’re smelling.” Kathy’s long blond hair straightened as she whirled around and folded again in tucked, perfect waves.

“Thanks, kiddo, my favorite. But why do you think…?”

Price, with a soft scent of roses and musk, slipped between her daughter and her husband. “Have either of you seen Kit? She does know we’re about to leave?”

Tony jammed on his steel-rimmed glasses as he circled the oak-topped kitchen island. “‘Shadowbrook’s latest offering is like looking at the Black Hills after you’ve seen the Rockies. It’s nice … but lacks stature. It should cause Louis L’Amour to rest easy in his grave. The mantle has certainly not been passed … yet.’ What does he mean, ‘lacks stature’? Who is this guy, Albert Cummings III? Teaches English at some junior college, no doubt, and moonlights to make ends meet by writing nonsense garbage like this. I know the type. A frustrated writer masquerading as a literary critic.”

Kathy wiped off the sink and refrigerator with a desert-rose dish towel. “Oh, Daddy, come one … teachers aren’t that bad. Mother teaches English.”

“Well, sure, at Arizona State! That’s different. Besides, your mother happens… “

“To like your books.”

Price stepped closer. “Tony, what about these silver-and-gold feather earrings?”

He grabbed the wall phone. “I’ll call Liz. She’ll be indignant. Probably will want the publishing house to voice some public protest.”


Fox Island adventure story reviews:

“… amusing that a couple who were writers were writing about “a couple who were writers.” … the realistic banter of the couple kept me chuckling … a Christian view without out & out preaching … a gentle touch when presenting the gospel within your character’s lives.” — Jean M.


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Video by author Janet Chester Bly on the adventure story writing of contemporary cozy mystery The Hidden West series and historical cozy mystery The Carson City Chronicles series:


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