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Intrigue at the Rafter B Ranch – Lewis & Clark Squad, Contemporary Fiction For Kids

Intrigue at the Rafter B Ranch – Lewis & Clark Squad, Contemporary Fiction For Kids
6.99 Paperback
Series: Lewis & Clark Squad, Book 1
Genre: Great Books for Kids
Tags: basketball, contemporary fiction, mystery, youth fiction
Publication Year: 1997, 2015
ISBN: 9781511665957
Cody, Feather, Jeremiah, and Larry have several reasons for calling their 3-on-3 summer basketball league team The Lewis and Clark Squad. But considering the crazy situations they get into, they might as well have named themselves after the famous explorers and adventurers from their history books.
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Contemporary fiction - Intrigue at the Rafter B Ranch by Stephen Bly

Intrigue at the Rafter B Ranch

Intrigue at the Rafter B Ranch by Stephen Bly, Book 1, The Lewis & Clark Squad contemporary fiction series.

In this contemporary fiction for kids 9-12 years, the Lewis and Clark Squad summer basketball team are a lean, clean, adventure-finding, mystery-solving crew.

Their first contemporary fiction adventure revolves around an abandoned out-of-state pickup truck on a neighbor’s property. Every day someone keeps moving weird objects from inside the locked cab to the truck bed. Yet the kids never see anyone out there.

It makes no sense until they find their first clue: a revealing roll of film. But it’s still a mystery. There’s only one way to solve it. They must spend a night watching the truck. Come morning, they find something they never imagined. And will never forget.


Excerpt from Intrigue at the Rafter B Ranch:

Folks, you ought to be here. The crowd is going absolutely wild. Trailing by seventeen points early in the fourth quarter, the Halt High School Huskies have battled back to tie this Idaho State Championship game with only six seconds left to go. Most of the points have been scored by incredible baseline shots and two — no, three — slam dunks by the Huskies’ tall, strong senior, Cody Clark.

The Wildcats have the ball. Heatherton inbounds the ball to Tony. No! Clark steals the ball and breaks down court. Baby, he’s going all the way. 5-4-3-2 — and he reverse slams it at the buzzer. It counts. The Huskies win the championship. The crowd is thundering, “Co–dy! Co–dy!”

Yeah … sure.


In this contemporary fiction for kids, Cody Clark and Larry Lewis gather friends to compete in a 3-on-3 summer basketball league. But the most exciting part of the week takes place off the court. For 9-12 years.

Intrigue at the Rafter B Ranch contemporary fiction Paperback $6.99

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