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One Step Over The Border – Cowboy Adventure Romantic Comedy

One Step Over The Border – Cowboy Adventure Romantic Comedy
6.99 Paperback, autographedeBook: Available Kindle & Nook
Series: StandAlones, Book 0
Genre: Contemporary Fiction
Tags: contemporary fiction, cowboy lit, road adventure, rodeo cowboys, romance, romance western, romantic comedy, western adventure, western romance
Publisher: Center Street/Hachette Book Group
Publication Year: 2007
Format: Paperback
Length: Novel, 328 pages
ISBN: 9781599956893
In this cowboy adventure romantic comedy novel, rodeo cowboy Hap Bowman and his roping partner, Laramie Majors, search for Hap's lost childhood love. He hasn't seen Juanita in 18 years. They chase down every Juanita from Wyoming to the Mexican border. A road adventure of a lifetime for these two modern-day rodeo cowboys.
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About the Book

Cowboy Adventure with comedy romance by Stephen BlyOne Step Over The Border, a contemporary cowboy adventure novel by award-winning western author Stephen Bly

In this cowboy adventure novel, every place Hap Bowman and Laramie Majors go leads to more trouble and excitement. Herding cattle across the Rio Grande. Facing off against a crooked park ranger in the Chisos Mountains. Rounding up wild mustangs on a desert military testing ground.

The cowboy adventure begins when Hap asks everywhere they go: “Have you seen my Juanita? Age: 31. Eyes: dark brown. Race: Hispanic. Birthmark: silhouette of a petite horse’s head under right ear. Location: lives within sight of the Rio Grande. Last Seen: Central Wyoming, 1988.

Follow the cowboy adventure exploits of Hap and Laramie Majors in a contemporary story out west crammed with humor, inspiration, and fast moving action, humor and heart. It’s a romp. A buddy road cowboy adventure. Some call it Cowboy Lit.

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Reviews of contemporary cowboy adventure novel One Step Over The Border by Stephen Bly:

“Just finished reading One Step Over the Border. Once I started I simply could not put it down. Have always been a fan of Louis L’Amour but I must say your book is as good if not better than anything of his. I shall remain a fan of Stephen Bly.” — Jimmy Dickens from the Grand Ole Opry

“I thoroughly enjoyed the tongue-in-cheek humor and a couple of cowboys that I swear I’ve met behind the bucking chutes at the rodeo … This one is easy to recommend.” Terry Burns, agent and western author of The Mysterious Ways Series – 

“…a delicious book to read … warm-hearted and thrilling adventure … a brilliant story by a sensitive writer … an awesome, uplifting adventure.” Charlie Steel, western author of Fight For Wet Springs 

“…a highly entertaining journey to places from my own experience. Your vivid descriptions of small town bars, service stations, trailer parks, rodeos and endless highway struck a most familiar chord … characters well-drawn and likeable … Thanks for a great read.” Pete Peterson, artist & western author of The Relentless Gun, Reckoning at Raindance, and A Dark Trail Winding 

“…(don’t miss the) subtle witticisms that make this book stand out. The banter between two good friends is worthy of old western movies … ” Donita K. Paul, author of The Dragon Keeper Chronicles, The Chiril Chronicles, and Taming The Wild Wind prairie romance ebook

“…a rollicking cowboy adventure of obsession, life, forgiveness and love.” — Carolyn R. Scheidies, Authors Choice Reviews – Author of Books & More: history, mystery, romance and hope

More One Step Over the Border Reviews

“…part romance, adventure, and suspense … The story flows smoothly and is an easy read.” Robert H. Goss, Roundtable Reviews

“…cowboy exploits both tough and tender … characters were likeable and engaging. Readers get a sense of the true friendship that went beneath the men’s rough exterior.” — Kerrily Sapet, BookLoons Reviewer

“(Stephen Bly) is a consummate writer with a colorful, entertaining writing style – filled with delightful metaphors. He certainly knows his horses, cowboys, ranch and rodeo life.” Kaye Trout, Midwest Book Review 

“…this rollicking adventure will have you chuckling.” author Ane Mulligan, Novel Reviews – her Southern-Fried Fiction website:

“…a fast-paced, humorous yarn … This is one book I can honestly say I wish I had written.” author Major Mitchell 

“…knee-slappin’, calf-ropin’, foot-stompin’, boot-scootin’, steer-wranglin’, nose-snortin’, Skoal-spittin’, bronc-bustin’ fun!” Deena Peterson, A Peek At My Bookshelf

“This cowgirl was impressed … ” Rodeo Suspense

“There’s just something about a story of two lonesome cowboys getting themselves in one scrape after another that tickles my funny bone.”  –author, speaker, writer Paula J. Miller, author of One-Eyed Jack 



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