Devotional Words to Live by for Women by Janet Bly & Lila Empson / Bly Books

Devotional – Words To Live By For Women

Devotional – Words To Live By For Women

A devotional to unlock the power of words to change your life forever!

Is there anything as inspiring as words? Words beautifully encourage you, deeply motivate you, profoundly comfort you, and completely transform you. These memorable Words to Live By in this devotional have been selected for their power to change your life. Each one is emphasized in Scripture and is a key to unlocking your God-given potential in every area of living.
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About the Book
Devotional Words To Live By For Women, devotional book by Janet Chester Bly

Words to Live by for Women

Devotional Words to Live by for Women by Janet Bly & Lila Empson

Sixty devotional reflections and insights on the most life-changing and thought-provoking words in the Bible. Keys to becoming the woman you’re meant to be.

Unlock the power of these devotional words today. Blessings: showers of manna. Character: the disciplines of royalty. Courage: cheer for the job ahead. Encouragement: the gift that refreshes. Noble: of greatness and grandeur. Persistence: the will to keep running. Power: a vigorous strength. Thankfulness: a lifestyle virtue. Worry: the anxiety factor. Victory: a supreme triumph. Plus fifty more devotional words to live by!

Devotional Words That Endure

“Colors fade, temples crumble, empires fall, but wise words endure,” wrote Edward Thorndike. In Proverbs 25:11, “The right word at the right time is like precious gold set in silver.”

Words signify ideas and thoughts. Words contain the smallest unit of speech with meaning. The perfect word at a critical time can burst through your priorities and your responsibilities as a woman. Understanding can make sense of your relationships and your need to know yourself. A spiritual vocabulary can help you settle down to both faith-filled peace and forward action.

Ultimate Devotional Words

The Bible is called God’s Word because it holds the words of God. God communicates to you through words. Such as, a word of faith, a word of challenge or correction. Also, a word of wisdom or love. Word upon word, you learn who God is and what he wants of you. This book contains a collection of words from the Bible that relate to your spiritual world, to connect you to God.

When you don’t have the energy or clearness of mind to recall everything God has said, you can hold on to one word. When you can’t change everything, you can work on one thing. Focus on just one word from him. Meditate on a single word at a time.

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