Mystery Adventure: Treachery at the River Canyon/Bly Books

Treachery at the River Canyon, Lewis & Clark Squad, Mystery Adventure Fiction For Kids

Treachery at the River Canyon, Lewis & Clark Squad, Mystery Adventure Fiction For Kids
6.99 paperback
The Lewis & Clark Squad basketball team was not prepared for what their teammate Cody Clark encountered in the canyon. An injured old friend, Chad Levine, has his truck and money stolen. Who would do such a thing?
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Mystery Adventure, Lewis and Clark Squad: Treachery at the River Canyon by Stephen BlyTreachery at the River Canyon by Stephen Bly, Book 3, The Lewis and Clark Squad Series, mystery adventure fiction for 9-12 years old

Could the unknown visitor who’s come to town be to blame? The Lewis and Clark Squad is determined to discover the culprit. More mystery adventure in this contemporary fiction novel series. They determine all they’ll need is a telescope, a rusty can of nails, and a goat. With this creative idea, they could end up in the middle of something big. And scary.


Excerpt from Treachery at the River Canyon, mystery adventure Lewis & Clark Squad Series:

A good day for Cody Clark was one that went according to plan. His plan. This was not a good day.

He coasted down the gravel and dirt lane called Cemetery Creek Road. It was wide enough in most places to allow two rigs to pass, provided one was not a logging truck. The knobby tires on his steel-gray and green mountain bike bounced and scooted as they banged and skidded from rock to dusty rock. His shaggy dark brown hair flagged in the breeze, which felt faintly cool on his bare arms and lower legs.

“Denver and Dad are at the ranch. Townie went with his grandpa to bring his mother home. Mom’s working at the post office. Feather’s still sleeping. And me?”

“I want you to ride down and check on Mr. Levine,” Mom had said. “He didn’t come into town this week like he said he would. He has a registered letter to sign for. Tell him he needs to pick it up by Friday.”


Other titles in this Stephen Bly series include: Intrigue at the Rafter B Ranch, Revenge on Eagle Island, Danger at Deception Pass, Hazards of the Half-Court Press


Treachery at the River Canyon, Lewis & Clark Squad Series, contemporary fiction, mystery adventure for 8-12 year olds.

Paperback $6.99

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