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The Dog Who Would Not Smile, Book 1, Nathan Riggins Western Adventure

The Dog Who Would Not Smile, Book 1, Nathan Riggins Western Adventure
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Nathan Riggins travels west alone to find his parents after his grandmother dies. When he arrives in Willow Creek, Nevada, he not only sees no sign of his dad and mom, the town's deserted. What can he do now?
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Nathan Riggins Series, Book 1, The Dog Who Would Not Smile

The Dog Who Would Not Smile, A Nathan Riggins novel

The Dog Who Would Not Smile, Book 1, Nathan Riggins Western Adventure series by Stephen Bly

Nathan grew frantic as he hurried from one empty building to the next. Where was everyone? How could a whole town just disappear?

In the deserted Post Office, bags of unopened mail lay everywhere. With increasing dread, he piled through the stacks of letters. There it was. His own letter to his parents telling them he was coming. No wonder they hadn’t waited for him here in Willow Creek. Now what should he do? Why wasn’t God taking better care of him?

Nathan headed west alone and set out across the Nevada desert  in search of his parents after his grandmother died. Instead he encountered one danger after another. Indians. A masked gunman. A blinding snowstorm. A rattlesnake. Again and again, a dog that adopted him comes to his rescue.


Excerpt from The Dog Who Would Not Smile, a Nathan Riggins western adventure:

Nathan Riggins kept his smoky blue eyes closed. Awake, he’d have to explain why a twelve-year-old, ninety pound boy rode the stagecoach through northern Nevada alone. Asleep, he’d be asked no questions.

It seemed like years since he sat on the front porch of his grandfather’s Indiana farm. Everything was supposed to get better after the war. Once Nathan’s dad returned home, life would be perfect again. But all that was so long ago, like a dream.

The stage lurched forward and tossed Nathan to the rear. He wanted to scream. The whole trip had been long, hot, dusty and boring. Nathan hadn’t spoken to anyone but ticket agents and train conductors. In an adult world, most folks looked over the top of him with their attention and words. Nobody called Nathan shy back home. But everything on this trip felt so foreign. At least this part would finish soon.


Regret to inform that The Dog Who Would Not Smile as well as all six of the Nathan Riggins western adventure series not available at this time. However, hope to have them each re-released in the very near future. Keep informed through the Almost Monthly Bly Books newsletter:  NEWSLETTER SIGNUP


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