The Buffalo’s Last Stand, Book 2, Retta Barre’s Oregon Trail

The Buffalo’s Last Stand, Book 2, Retta Barre’s Oregon Trail
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In this Oregon Trail adventure story, Retta Barre is challenged to act like the heroes she reads about in her books. She faces dangers of her own.
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Oregon Trail adventure: The Buffalo's Last Stand by Stephen Bly

The Buffalo’s Last Stand

The Buffalo’s Last Stand, Book 2, Retta Barre’s Oregon Trail by Stephen Bly

Retta Barre has never met a hero, except for the ones she reads about in her books. She does know that they’re strong, courageous, and handsome or pretty. Everything she’s not. Of course, the world doesn’t expect much from her anyways. She’s just a plain-looking, 12-year-old who’s more stubborn than brave. She owes what little strength she has to her dull daily chores.

And yet, when her friends go missing, Retta doesn’t think twice. She heads out to help them. However, she doesn’t know the danger that’s about to come her way. Sometimes friendship requires courage and the extraordinary.


Excerpt from adventures on the Oregon Trail, The Buffalo’s Last Stand:

 Along the North Platte River, two days west of Robidoux’s Trading Post, near Scotts Bluff, Tuesday, June 29, 1852.

Dear Diary,

I think he likes me. I could tell it by the way he ran away. Boys are like that, Joslyn says. And Joslyn knows. If nothing else exciting ever happens in my life, perhaps this day has been enough.


Sorry, but The Buffalo’s Last Stand, Retta Barre’s Oregon Trail Series, is out of print and not available from Bly Books as of now. However, hope to re-release soon.

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