The Plain Prairie Princess, Book 3, Retta Barre Oregon Trail Series

The Plain Prairie Princess, Book 3, Retta Barre Oregon Trail Series
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Series: Retta Barre's Oregon Trail, Book 3
Genre: Great Books for Kids
Tags: adventure, fiction for kids, Indians, Old West, Oregon Trail, Scottsbluff, tweens, western adventure, youth fiction
Length: Novel, 131 pages
ISBN: 9781512364163
Retta Barre and her family are left alone in the middle of the prairie. One life-threatening danger after another and Retta's in the middle of them all.
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The Plain Prairie Princess, Book 3, Retta Barre Oregon Trail Series by Stephen Bly

Retta Barre has faced a dizzying prairie storm, a stubborn buffalo, and a murderous Indian twice. But that’s nothing compared to what happens when her family is left alone in the middle of the prairie. One danger after another and Retta is in the middle of them all.

At the beginning of the Oregon Trail trip, Retta seemed like a plain-looking 12-year-old from Ohio. But with her buckskin dress, moccasins, and sun-tanned face, she now looks like an Indian girl. And some of her friends consider her a hero. But after Retta encounters horse thieves, prairie pirates, and an army troop, she’s about to be named the undisputed Princess of the Prairie.


Retta Barre Series: The Plain Prairie Princess by Stephen Bly

Retta Barre: The Plain Prairie Princess

Excerpt from The Plain Prairie Princess, Retta Barre Oregon Trail Series:

Along the North Platte River, three days west of Robidoux’s Trading Post near Scotts Bluff, Wednesday, June 29, 1852.

Dear Diary,

I think that someday when I look back on this journey, meeting Dance-with-the-Sun will be the most important event. But everyone here is more excited because I killed the poor old buffalo. I didn’t really kill him, but a girl gets a certain reputation. They all believe it to be true.

For over an hour a steady line of spectators with lanterns hiked out to gawk at Retta’s buffalo. Ben Weaver and Travis Lott acted as tour guides. Retta and the girls stayed with Gilson and Mrs. O’Day until they talked things through. Retta left mother and daughter embracing with tears and resolving to keep trying and keep praying.


Sorry, but The Plain Prairie Princess, Book 3, Retta Barre Oregon Trail, is out of print and not available from Bly Books at this time. However, hope to have a re-release edition soon.

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