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The Secret of the Old Rifle, Lewis & Clark Squad Stephen Bly series

The Secret of the Old Rifle, Lewis & Clark Squad Stephen Bly series
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A girl with family connections to an old rifle comes to town. If the Lewis and Clark Squad can catch up with her, they might be able to crack the code and put this mystery to rest. But then again, maybe the answer lies somewhere else ...
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Stephen Bly series for kids: The Secret of the Old Rifle, Book #2 Lewis & Clark SquadThe Secret of the Old Rifle, Book 2, Lewis & Clark Squad contemporary fiction Stephen Bly series for 9-12 year olds

In this Stephen Bly series, adventure and mystery continue. Second book of the Lewis & Clark Squad contemporary fiction. When the Lewis and Clark Squad discover a trunk full of old rifles — and one with a mysterious code written inside — they’re off on their next exploit. What does the code mean? And who could have put it there? The Squad wants to know.

Between basketball practices and games, they follow up on all the clues. And those clues take them back more than 50 years to a robbery, an explosion, and the deeds of a mysterious stranger. There seems to be a link. But after almost a week of investigation, the kids still aren’t sure what it is. Then — a breakthrough!


Excerpt from The Secret of the Old Rifle, Stephen Bly series for kids:

“Quick! It’s over here!” Larry Lewis shouted in his high-pitched, excited voice.

Cody Clark sprinted across the dimly lit basement. The heels of his cowboy boots slammed into the concrete at each step. “It’s coming your way, Townie.”

“It turned!” Larry shrieked.

Cody heard a loud slap of a plastic bat pounding the concrete. He zipped around a stack of dusty newspapers.

“I missed it!” Larry groaned, his University of Indiana tank top hanging off one shoulder, his blond hair in his eyes.

“Don’t kill it,” Feather Trailer-Hobbs thundered. “I’ve got a shoe box. We can trap it in the box and take it outside.” She balanced herself on an empty crate and towered above the boys even more than normal.

“Set your bats to stun,” Cody commanded.


Other titles in this Stephen Bly series include: Intrigue at the Rafter B Ranch, Treachery at the River Canyon, Revenge on Eagle Island, Danger at Deception Pass, Hazards of the Half-Court Press



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