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Mysterious Robbery on the Utah Plains – Historical Youth Fiction Adventure

Mysterious Robbery on the Utah Plains – Historical Youth Fiction Adventure
5.95 Paperback
Series: Adventures on the American Frontier, Book 3
Genre: Great Books for Kids
Tags: railroads, Utah, youth fiction
Publisher: Crossway Books
Publication Year: 2003
ISBN: 9781581344738
Everyone converging on the Utah plains knows when the Union Pacific and the Central Pacific Railroad lines join, history and fortunes will be made. In the midst of it all, Alex uncovers a robbery that threatens the financial security of the entire nation.
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About the Book

Youth fiction - Mysterious Robbery on the Utah Plains by Stephen BlyMysterious Robbery on the Utah Plains by Stephen Bly – youth fiction for 9 – 14 year old readers

In this historical youth fiction adventure novel, Daisy Hopewell opens a bakery with her three sons. Her husband was killed in a railroad accident, leaving no pension or other provision. She sells doughnuts in northern Utah Territory. With the help of friends in the Union Pacific Railroad, Daisy secures a great location for her bakery at Promontory Point.

Daisy wants enough profit to pay off some bills. Alex, 14, is the man of the family. He tries to care for his mother and younger brothers. But it’s not easy. Cyrus shirks his duties by dreaming up new-fangled contraptions. A blonde-haired girl complicates Alex’s life. And menacing gunmen hide a mysterious package at the family’s bakery.


Excerpt from the youth fiction adventure: Mysterious Robbery on the Utah Plain

The fourteen-year-old stuck his head behind the canvas flap that served as the front door of the ten-by-twelve white canvas side-wall tent. “I’m down to my last pan fullo, and I’ve got ’em standin’ in line clean down to the railroad tracks!” Sweat drenched Alexander Hopewell’s white cotton shirt.

…Mrs. Napoleon Hopewell glanced up from the giant cast-iron frying pan and tried to brush her blonde hair off her forehead with the back of her hand. “Sell this last pan full, then hang up the Closed sign.”

Alex turned to look at the sunken eyes of a thin Irish laborer who stood behind a fat, red-nosed gambler. “They’ll be heartbroken, Mama. They’ve been pinin’ for a Mrs. Hopewell doughnut.”

“No man ever died from lack of a doughnut…If we don’t let the stove and the cook rest a bit, there won’t be any more anytime.”


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Mysterious Robbery on the Utah Plains is an American Frontier historical youth fiction adventure. Other books in this series include Daring Rescue at Sonora Pass and Dangerous Ride Across Humboldt Flats. For 9-14 years.

Paperback $6.99

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