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Healing Miracles of Jesus painting

Healing Miracles & Mysteries

Living In Mystery, Believing In Healing Miracles A woman who bled for twelve years spent all her money on doctors. But only got worse. She heard about Jesus and his healing miracles. She had to get to him. She pushed through crowds, weak as she was, to reach out and touch him. She wanted one of […]

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Lifetime relationships through family

3 Models of Growing Lifetime Relationships

What most prevents you from expanding your relationships, to make them lifetime relationships? Time or interest? Laziness or shyness? Or does the reason you ignore or renege on your potential lifetime relationships go much deeper? Could it be fear or mistrust? Bitter memories? Insecurity? Shelley, an attractive and talented leader personality, surprised me when she […]

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Wanted Woman Mary mother of Jesusw

Heaven’s Most Wanted Woman

Who, from God’s point of view, is the biblical model for women today? Who is heaven’s most wanted woman? Many women have been commissioned by God through the ages. A wanted woman can be a mother or wife. Or a single female. A wanted woman can become a simple servant or the founder of a […]

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deep thinker Mary & shepherds

Mary The Deep Thinker

What did God see in Mary? That he would choose her as mother of His son? Perhaps because Mary was a woman of contemplation, a deep thinker. “And all who heard it were amazed at what the shepherds said to them. But Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart.” (Luke […]

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Autumn season of peace

Autumn Season of Peace Devotional

Autumn Season of Peace by Janet Chester Bly Sometimes it seems we here in the mountains of northern Idaho experience the shortest autumn season period in the west. A few weeks tops. Yet, fall’s my favorite season.  The colors. The sunsets. The crispy, sensory sounds and smells and sights. I could live in the heights […]

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