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Mincemeat pie

Old-Fashioned Mincemeat Pie

This mincemeat pie recipe was western author Stephen Bly’s favorite Christmas dessert. OLD-FASHIONED MINCEMEAT PIE You’ll need to start four weeks ahead to prepare the very special ingredients for this mincemeat pie with meat filling. Makes fifteen quarts that you can keep all year long in the root cellar or any pantry. Here’s what it […]

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Pumpkin Soup by author Janet Chester Bly

Aunt Judy’s Pumpkin Soup Recipe

AUNT JUDY’S PUMPKIN SOUP Recipe by author Janet Chester Bly The Bly Family & Pumpkin Soup . . .When our family travelled to El Centro, California, to Aunt Judy’s house in 1975 for Thanksgiving dinner, she presented us with a surprise first course:  this pumpkin soup. We discovered quickly that you either love it or […]

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Turkey meatloaf with corn, greenbeans & rice

Mystery Meatloaf Recipe

MYSTERY MEATLOAF Recipe by Janet Chester Bly When my sons asked me, “What’s for dinner?”, they gave me that glazed look when I said, “Meatloaf.”  That’s not because they wouldn’t eat it.  It’s because it’s never the same.  They have no idea what it will look like or taste like. Below is the basic recipe […]

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bowl of gooseberries

Winchester Gooseberry Pie Recipe

Winchester Gooseberry Pie Recipe by Janet Chester Bly We moved to Winchester, Idaho, from southern California in the 1980s to give full-time writing a try. Our friends were so astonished, many of them came to visit to see first-hand why we’d been drawn there. And sometimes we’d serve Winchester Gooseberry Pie. Everything about our new […]

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Vanilla Ice Cream by author Janet Chester Bly

The Best Vanilla Ice Cream Recipe (IMHO)

NORA ROSE’S VANILLA ICE CREAM Recipe by Janet Chester Bly This is my family’s and was especially my late hubby’s — absolutely all-time favorite homemade vanilla ice cream.  No other vanilla ice cream measures up, according to the Bly family. It was first introduced to the extended Bly family sometime in the late 1950s by a […]

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