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The Lost Manuscript of Martin Taylor Harrison – action adventure novel

The Lost Manuscript of Martin Taylor Harrison – action adventure novel
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New York editor Lynda Dawn Austin expected to find a manuscript that would rock the publishing world. And boost her career. But it takes a rodeo cowboy to guide her through canyon country to find it in this action adventure novel.
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Action Adventure Novel - The Lost Manuscript of Martin Taylor Harrison by Stephen Bly

Book 1, The Austin-Stoner Files: The Lost Manuscript of Martin Taylor Harrison, action adventure romance novel by Christy Award winning author Stephen Bly

Some women plan their wedding for months. Atlantic-Hampton New York editor Lynda Dawn Austin has been planning hers all her life. But right now nothing’s going according to plan. In this contemporary action adventure romance novel, Lynda expected to find a manuscript to rock the publishing world. And boost her career. But the man who knows its hiding place is killed in an accident. And his copy of the novel destroyed. Bronc buster rodeo cowboy Brady Stoner agrees to help her. He guides her through Arizona Strip canyon country following a map to a remote cabin.

Lynda experiences action adventure like she’s never known in her urban, sophisticated life.  And maybe a most unlikely romance too. What will prove to be her greatest find of the trip?


Excerpt from action adventure romance novel, The Lost Manuscript of Martin Taylor Harrison:

The road narrowed and grew rocky as they wound around the base of Mt. Trumbull. A surprising supply of pines and firs scattered the mountain. The only trace of civilization was a large wire-fenced corral covered with No Trespassing signs.

“What’s that all about?” Lynda asked Brady.

“I suppose it’s an outfitter who brings hunters in during the season. Kind of refreshing that no matter how remote, there’s someone to tell you to get off their property.”

As they descended the mountain, the road flattened across the Tuweep Valley. No sign of life. Lynda pointed. “The road looks better up there.”

“Yeah, but we aren’t going that way. The road forks past that pile of lava rocks. Take a right.”

She raced along to keep the truck’s shimmy at a minimum. Then slammed the brakes. Oreos tumbled from the bag.

“Why didn’t you turn?” Brady shouted.

“Turn where? Where’s the road?”

“There. The bent grass. See how it’s bent over to make two tracks across the valley? It will take us to Paw’s Pocket. Trust me.”

“I can’t drive down that. I can’t even see where to steer.”

“I’ll tell you if you get goin’ wrong.”

“I’m not driving fifty miles an hour.”

“No. You’ll have to take it easy. The rig will shake pretty bad, so you’ll have to hold on tight. Say, you want an Oreo?”

She hit a pothole that almost bounced them into the roof of the cab. “I can’t believe I’m doing this.”


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Kim Ford Christian Fiction Online Magazine author interview with award winning action adventure western author Stephen Bly:



The Lost Manuscript of Martin Taylor Harrison action adventure romance novel …

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