Judith and the Judge – historical cozy mystery

Judith and the Judge – historical cozy mystery
8.95 Paperback
In this 1880s historical cozy mystery, a wealthy woman is found battered and abandoned. Her womanizing embezzler husband vanishes under mysterious circumstances. And the embezzler's sister arrives from the East to avenge his reputation. And search out his spoils.
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Historical cozy mystery: Judith and the Judge by Stephen Bly & Janet Chester Bly

Judith and the Judge

Book 1, Carson City Chronicles: Judith and the Judge, historical cozy mystery by Stephen Bly & Janet Chester Bly

Ugly rumors of murder and larceny threaten the reputation of Carson City, Nevada’s spunky and beloved Judith Kingston, wife of Judge Hollis Kingston. She finds herself caught in a hurricane of intrigue and innuendo.

It surprises no one that Judith and the Judge lead the crusade to find the culprit and bring about justice. But at what cost?Will she manage to stay safe in the eye of the storm until justice is served?


Excerpt from historical cozy mystery Judith and the Judge:

The energetic James Garfield brushed past his bewildered host to embrace a short lady with curly dark brown bangs and long hair stacked on her head. She wore a hunter green taffeta dress with velvet cuffs on long sleeves. A gold butterfly brooch decorated her high black lace collar. “Judith and Judge Kingston,” Garfield’s voice boomed. “What a delight to see you.”

All conversation stopped in the crowded capitol rotunda. Heads craned and eyebrows lifted as Garfield’s hand shot out to the tall, distinguished, arrow-straight man standing next to the lady. The man seemed as startled as the woman looked pleased.

“You know the Kingstons?” the governor sputtered, his top hat now in his hand.

“My word, Governor. Everyone in Washington knows Judith and the Judge.” Garfield stared into the woman’s penetrating brown eyes. “Did you ever get enough funding for that orphanage asylum?”


Other titles in this historical cozy mystery series include: Roberta and the Renegade and Marthellen and the Major.

Kim Ford Christian Fiction Online Magazine author interview with Stephen Bly: http://christianfictiononlinemagazine.com/june-10-best_interview.html

Video by author Janet Chester Bly. On the writing of historical cozy mystery series Carson City Chronicles. And contemporary cozy mystery The Hidden West Series…


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Historical Cozy Mystery Judith & The Judge Audio Book

Judith & The Judge
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