The Surprising Side of Grace – knowing God devotional Bible study

The Surprising Side of Grace – knowing God devotional Bible study
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What you love and what you hate reveals a lot about you. We need to know God's loves and hates too. To understand who He really is. Knowing God includes knowing His grace, but also His loving anger.
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The Surprising Side of Grace, Appreciating God’s Loving Anger, a knowing God Bible study by Stephen Bly

Knowing God Bible study: Surprising Side of Grace by Stephen Bly


Excerpt from the knowing God Bible study, The Surprising Side of Grace …

I never buy anything from telephone solicitors. In fact, I prefer not to talk to them. I get upset when folks fail to be prompt for meetings and appointments. I get defensive when people compliment me in order to manipulate my behavior. I come close to furious when I see a child or a woman being physically mistreated. It takes intense self-control to keep me from confronting a person who slanders or ridicules Jesus. I don’t think you know me well until you know the things that make me angry. And why.

The same is true about knowing God.

When we first come to know Him we are overwhelmed by His love. And we should be. But like all of those we love, there will be a time when we wonder, have I made Him angry?

What about the anger of God? This is, perhaps, the least explored side of His mercy and grace. But to appreciate the loving anger of God is to understand the surprising side of His grace.


Chapter titles for The Surprising Side of Grace:

The Least Explored Side of God’s Character. It All Looks Different From Above. His Obvious Anger. Whatever Happened to Justice and Mercy? Life in a Blurred Society. A Coach’s Dream. Good Pastor/Bad Pastor. What Do We Deserve? Love Without Obedience and Obedience Without Love. Broken Promises. Siding With the Enemy. The Ultimate Insult. The Wrath of the Lamb.

The Surprising Side of Grace is a knowing God study. Includes discussion questions helpful for counselors or Sunday School classes, home study groups or book clubs.

Surprising Side of Grace Paperback $10.00   $7.95


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