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Fiction Retreat with authors Brandilyn Collins and Janet Chester Bly

5 Reasons Published Writer Needed Fiction Retreat

5 Reasons I Needed Fantastic Fiction Retreat After more than 120 published books–Stephen’s, mine, and ours–why would I need a fiction retreat? That’s what several folks asked me last weekend.  A dozen fledgling as well as a few established writers attended the first annual Fantastic Fiction Retreat. Here’s why it was so important to me. […]

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Fruity Ice cream sodas

Sugar-Free Fruit Freeze Recipe

Fabulous Sugar-Free FRUIT FREEZE by author Janet Chester Bly  Ingredients for Fruit Freeze: 2 cups heavy cream 3 cups Splenda 5 cups half & half 1 T. vanilla 1 package frozen berries (about 2 lbs.), thin sliced or run through blender Directions for fruit freeze: Combine all ingredients and pour in freezer.  Add berries toward […]

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