Prairie Promises - Whispers on the Prairie by Vickie McDonough

Pioneer Promises by Vickie McDonough

The Pioneer Promises three book series set in 1870s Kansas. Brothers Aaron, Josh, and Ethan Harper help their parents run the Harper Stage Stop. It’s one of the first stops on the Santa Fe trail for pioneers traveling west. As the railroad crosses Kansas and stage service dwindles, the Harper brothers must adjust to survive. …

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old time cowboy charged by bull

Old Time Cowboy Shouts, “Look Out!”

Sometimes we get the idea that every old time cowboy was so tough he didn’t run from anything. According to some pulp writers, he faced down enemy attacks from every direction. He could turn a thousand head of stampeding cattle. Face down a dozen gunfighters in the street. Ride through the desert with a hundred …

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Healing Miracles of Jesus painting

Healing Miracles & Mysteries

Living In Mystery, Believing In Healing Miracles A woman who bled for twelve years spent all her money on doctors. But only got worse. She heard about Jesus and his healing miracles. She had to get to him. She pushed through crowds, weak as she was, to reach out and touch him. She wanted one of …

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Lookin' Over His Shoulder article - farmer plowing

Looking Over His Shoulder, Western Slang Devotional

Looking Over His Shoulder by Stephen Bly Every era and generation has its unwritten rules of proper behavior. The Old West was no different. One of those had to do with when it was proper for a cowboy to turn around, looking over his shoulder. He didn’t want to do it too often or it would signal …

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Black horse Johnny Poe

Black Horse Johnny Poe

A Black Horse Named Johnny Poe by Janet Chester Bly Fictional black horse Johnny Poe plays a big part in the novel I’m writing. He seems so real to me. If I don’t catch myself, I’m ready to head out to the corrals in the morning to feed him. Or wonder if he’s jumped my neighbor’s …

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Shane the movie

Shane the Movie Reflections

Reflections On Shane the Movie by award-winning suspense author James Scott Bell In my opinion Shane  the movie is not just the best Western ever, but one of the top five films of all time.* Mythic, amazing to look at, and featuring one of the great villains: the grinning Jack Palance. He earned an Oscar nod …

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Ear to the ground devotional by Stephen Bly

Keep Your Ear To The Ground

Are you a long-ear? You might be if you keep your ear to the ground. In an old western movie a seasoned Indian scout crawls out of the saddle, drops to his knees, and lays his ear to the ground. Then he’ll say, “Three riders. Going south. About four miles away. One of the horses …

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Cody Wyoming: Wild West in the New West

A Bit of Wild West in Cody, Wyoming by Janet Chester Bly My late husband Stephen Bly and I once a year traveled to Cody Wyoming for an Antique Winchester Collectors show. Otherwise, we probably wouldn’t spend much time there. But I’m glad we did. Located on the western side of the Big Horn Basin, …

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Lifetime relationships through family

3 Models of Growing Lifetime Relationships

What most prevents you from expanding your relationships? To make them lifetime relationships? Time or interest? Laziness or shyness? Or does the reason you ignore or renege on your relationships go much deeper? Fear or mistrust? Bitter memories? Insecurity? Shelley, an attractive and talented leader personality, surprised me when she admitted, “It can be so …

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demon liquor in chains

Demon Liquor: A Bit of Old-Fashioned, Old West Preachin’

Old West movies conjure up a lot of images. Fast draw gunfights in the streets. Outlaws with bandannas over their faces robbing banks. Lawmen jumping off horses onto backs of fleeing bad men. Goodhearted women of easy virtue. And the town drunk full of demon liquor.  Not all the images are accurate. I’m sure most …

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