Cody Wyoming: Wild West in the New West

A Bit of Wild West in Cody, Wyoming by Janet Chester Bly My late husband Stephen Bly and I once a year traveled to Cody Wyoming for an Antique Winchester Collectors show. Otherwise, we probably wouldn’t spend much time there. But I’m glad we did. Located on the western side of the Big Horn Basin, …

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Lifetime relationships through family

3 Models of Growing Lifetime Relationships

What most prevents you from expanding your relationships? To make them lifetime relationships? Time or interest? Laziness or shyness? Or does the reason you ignore or renege on your relationships go much deeper? Fear or mistrust? Bitter memories? Insecurity? Shelley, an attractive and talented leader personality, surprised me when she admitted, “It can be so …

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demon liquor in chains

Demon Liquor: A Bit of Old-Fashioned, Old West Preachin’

Old West movies conjure up a lot of images. Fast draw gunfights in the streets. Outlaws with bandannas over their faces robbing banks. Lawmen jumping off horses onto backs of fleeing bad men. Goodhearted women of easy virtue. And the town drunk full of demon liquor.  Not all the images are accurate. I’m sure most …

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Scavenger Hunt Catch Us If You Can

Catch Us if You CAN: Spring Scavenger Hunt

Catch Us if You CAN: Spring Scavenger Hunt … STOP #10, Janet Chester Bly’s Blog. Catch Us if You CAN: Spring Scavenger Hunt! NOW FINISHED. Congratulations! Winners for Stephen Bly’s The Lost Manuscript of Martin Taylor Harrison were Betti Mace, Kristen Mayfield, Virginia Winfield. We hope you enjoyed meeting Christian Author Network members as you chased down …

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Old West Jobs: 3 Signs You’re A Line Rider

One of the loneliest Old West jobs had to be the line rider. In the Old West days before Joseph Glidden’s patented barbed wire invention crossed the prairies, ranchers found it difficult to keep their cattle on the home range. To keep them from wandering to a neighbor’s pasture or getting lost in the wilderness, …

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Poetry That Rhymes Cowboy Poetry by Stephen Bly

Why Do Cowboys Write Poetry That Rhymes?

Poetry That Rhymes Preferred by Cowboys by Stephen Bly Most all cowboys write poetry that rhymes. It’s not that cowboys are opposed to blank verse or free verse. But most poems they compose are done on horseback without pencil, paper or computer screen to record the flow of ideas. Much easier for him or her …

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Old West Saying A Wink As Good As Nod to Blind Mule

Wink As Good As Nod in Old West Saying

Old West Saying: Wink As Good As A Nod … Tracks Along The Trail with Stephen Bly An Old West saying went, “A wink is as good as a nod to a blind mule.” In other words, if the mule is blind, no amount of motion whatever is going to motivate him. You could stomp, …

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Lead Man for cattle drives

8 Casting Tests for God’s Lead Man or Woman

Calling For A Lead Man or Woman For A New Year by award-winning western author Stephen Bly (1944-2011) On the old cattle drives, the choice position was to get assigned the lead man. Or ride point. This meant the cowboy got to be at the forward tip of the moving herd. He had fresh air …

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Cowboy Code vs Medieval Code by author Janalyn Voigt

Cowboy Code Meets Medieval Code

The Cowboy Code Meets the Medieval Code of Chivalry By Janalyn Voigt The worlds of knights and chivalry and the cowboy code of the American West seem quite different, but I’ve noticed striking similarities. Both inhabit feudalistic cultures set on frontiers during times where law-and-order wasn’t yet established. And both developed unwritten codes of honor that …

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Square Butte MT at evening

Excerpt From Creede of Old Montana: Square Butte MT Scene

Square Butte scene excerpt from western romance novel Creede of Old Montana by author Stephen Bly: They made it to Square Butte at sunset and filled the canteen at the springs. But they didn’t camp until they reached the eastern tip of the Highwood Mountains. Rocky, treeless hills blended with buckskin brown prairie. Supper consisted …

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