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Marthellen and the Major – Carson City Chronicles historical cozy mystery

Marthellen and the Major – Carson City Chronicles historical cozy mystery
9.95 Paperback
Authors: ,
Series: Carson City Chronicles, Book 2
Genres: Cozy Mystery, Historical & Western Novel
Tags: 1880, Janet Chester Bly, Nevada, Stephen Bly, western mystery, western mystery
Publisher: Vine Books
Publication Year: 2000
ISBN: 9781569551592
Carson City, Nevada, 1880. In this historical fiction Carson City Chronicles novel, robber barons and get-rich-quick schemes abound. A charismatic land developer arrives in Carson City and into the lives of Judith and Judge Kingston. Major Lansford Fallon wins the affections of widowed Marthellen Farnsworth, Judith Kingston's housekeeper and dearest friend. He also wins the financial backing of the town's leading citizens.
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historical fiction cozy mystery series: Marthellen & The Major by Stephen & Janet BlyMarthellen and the Major, Book 2 Carson City Chronicles historical fiction cozy mystery series by Stephen and Janet Bly

Major Lansford Fallon presents a plan to build a health sanitarium on a mineral spring outside of town. The plan promises to infuse new life and eastern money into the region. Only Judge and Judith Kingston maintain a healthy skepticism.

Meanwhile, their daughter, Roberta, comes home with a startling announcement. Will the Kingstons manage to navigate a maze of deception and lead those they love to safety?


Excerpt from Carson City Chronicles Book 2, Marthellen and the Major: 

Carson City, Nevada, 1880

“Judith, dear, where is that darling judge of yours? I need him desperately.” The long peacock feather emanating from the band of Daisie Belle Emory’s wide, teal felt hat rose two feet above her head. She flagged her presence in the crowded, noisy lobby of the opera house.

Judith Kingston intertwined her ungloved hands and fought the urge to fiddle with her wedding ring. “He’s escorting Marthellen home.” Even in the roar and luaghter that bounced off the twelve-foot ceiling and crystal chandeliers of the antechamber, she sounded too loud and defensive.

“Was Marthellen ill?” Daisie Belle pulled on black silk gloves and stretched them to her elbows. She slipped her arm into Judith’s and led them toward the west wall in front of a thirty-foot mural of four grizzled prospectors and a mule on top of Mt. Davidson.

“No, not really. It’s a rather involved story.”

“How delightful.” Daisie Belle swirled in front of Judith, eyes only inches apart. “You’ll have to tell me right now.”


Other titles in the Carson City Chronicles historical cozy mystery series include Judith & The Judge and Roberta & The Renegade.

Marthellen and the Major, Book 2, Carson City Chronicles, Paperback $11.00  $9.95

Carson City Chronicles: Marthellen & The Major Audio Book

Marthellen & The Major
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