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Never Dance With A Bobcat, Book 5, Nathan T. Riggins Western Adventure

Never Dance With A Bobcat, Book 5, Nathan T. Riggins Western Adventure
$6.99 Paperback
Nathan Riggins finds a real summer job. He's so excited. Until he wrangles with a bobcat and faces a heartbreaking disaster...
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Never Dance With a Bobcat by Stephen Bly

Never Dance With a Bobcat

Never Dance With A Bobcat, Book 5, Nathan T. Riggins Western Adventure by Stephen Bly

Nathan Riggins finds a real summer job. He’ll be helping Push-Bill Horn freight supplies up to the booming, brawling mining town of 10, Nevada. And it brings him a whole new set of adventures.

His dog Tona’s disastrous fight with a bobcat on the second trip out thrusts Nathan into a dilemma. He wants revenge. And he desperately wants to save Tona’s life. Will he take Push-Bill’s gentle advice to do the kind thing and put Tona out of his misery?

Later, in a chilling face-off at gunpoint, Nathan confronts two bushwhackers intent on stealing his gold. He also meets new friends. The six Rialto sisters are trying to make a go of a ranch by themselves. And he finally figures out where his relationship with his good friend, Leah, is going. Much to his relief. But can he release to God the things he loves most?


Excerpt from Never Dance With A Bobcat: 

It was still dark when Nathan felt a boot in the side, nudging him awake. “If you want to see a bobcat, you’d better slip on down to the water nice and quiet.”

Nathan bolted straight up. “Did you see one?”

“I didn’t look,” Push-Bill replied, “but it will be your only chance this trip.”

Nathan considered it fortunate his dog Tona wandered off into the brush somewhere. Otherwise, he’d never get close enough to spy a bobcat. After sloshing through the mud, Nathan squatted in the brush and waited for daylight. He waited. And waited some more.

His legs began to cramp and a small but fierce flying bug feasted on the back of his neck. Was Push-Bill playing a trick on him? Playing him for a sucker? Like a snipe hunt, a game for greenhorns.

Nathan resigned himself to go back to camp to face Push-Bill Horn’s laughter. Movement along the water’s edge caught his eye. His nerves jumped tight. Then he relaxed as the supposed bobcat turned out to be a rabbit eating grass on the water’s edge.

All of a sudden a reddish-brown spotted blur flashed out and pounced on the rabbit. With a savage flip, the beast broke its victim’s neck. The animal hovered over the dead rabbit and glared at Nathan. A cold chill hit him as he stared into yellow-green eyes. Bobcat!


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