Spotted Horse adventure for boys by Stephen Bly/Bly Books

You Can Always Trust A Spotted Horse, Book 3, Nathan T. Riggins Series

You Can Always Trust A Spotted Horse, Book 3, Nathan T. Riggins Series
$6.99 Paperback
Series: Nathan T. Riggins Western Adventure, Book 3
Genre: Great Books for Kids
Tags: adventure, fiction for boys, fiction for kids, Galena, horses, Indians, Nevada, stagecoach, western adventure, western book series, youth fiction
Publication Year: 1993, 2015
Length: 130 pages
ASIN: 1511490659
ISBN: 9781511490658
Nathan finally gets the horse he always wanted. Trouble is, his former owner turns out to be a bank robber. The complications seem unending.
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About the Book
Spotted Horse historical novel by Stephen Bly

You Can Always Trust a Spotted Horse

You Can Always Trust A Spotted Horse, Book 4, Nathan T. Riggins Western Adventure by Stephen Bly

Onepenny is exactly the kind of horse Nathan Riggins has dreamed of owning. He’s smart, loyal, and easy to handle. In addition, this unusual horse with the spotted rump can do tricks. So Nathan works out a trade with Onepenny’s owner, Temple Cholach. To his delight, the spotted horse becomes his.

Before he can even show his parents his new horse, Nathan encounters a posse looking for a stagecoach robber who had ridden a spotted horse. It seems Temple Cholach is not the drifter he claims to be. And when Nathan discovers Onepenny can lead him to Cholach’s home, he has to ask himself, what will he do if he actually finds the outlaw?

He soon has to answer that question. He finds himself facing certain danger. But he also discovers the unexpected. Strange feelings stir in him when he meets Cholach’s daughter, Tashawna, with her teasing eyes and cute smile.


Excerpt from You Can Always Trust A Spotted Horse:

The piercing scream from the street made the hair on Nathan’s neck bristle. A chill ran down his back as he crossed the wooden floor, boots thumping loudly. He slung the door open with a crash and banged over the sidewalk to the rail.

“Runaway!” someone hollered.

A tall black horse thundered down the street with fear in its eyes. Reins tangled around its front hooves. “Oh, no! He’s got his spur hung up in the stirrup,” Nathan shouted. He gawked at a man on the far side of horse being dragged on his back through the street. Nathan ran with the crowd behind the runaway. “Somebody’s got to do something!”

“Shoot the horse,” one old man yelled.

A man ran in front of the stampeding mount and fired a shotgun into the air. The big black horse barreled over the man, knocking him to the ground.

Out of breath, Nathan stood still as another man dashed from behind the Texas Saloon. A flash of long, black hair waved under a black hat. With the speed and skill of his Indian ancestors, Tick Hill grabbed a handful of black mane and pulled himself aboard the stampeding horse. He reached down and yanked the bit in his left hand and circled the animal. The big black, wide-eyed and lathered, abruptly halted.

Bystanders released the injured man and carried him to the doctor. Several others, including Nathan, stayed with Hill and the horse. “Tick, where did you learn to do that?” Nathan asked.

“Riding buffalo.” He dismounted and walked the horse to the nearest rail.


 Another kind of spotted horse adventure …

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