Hope Lives Here – More True Life Stories

Hope Lives Here – More True Life Stories
3.95 Paperback
Series: Devotionals, Book 2
Genres: Inspirational & Family Life, Women's Issues
Tag: true life stories
Publisher: Discovery House Publishers
Publication Year: 2000
Format: Paperback
Length: 240 pages
ISBN: 9781572930605
31 short meditations that include very human but inspiring true life stories. Real anecdotes enriched with relevant Scripture passages and wrapped in a real hope prayer to encourage your heart.
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About the Book

true life stories - Hope Lives Here by Janet Chester BlyHope Lives Here by Janet Chester Bly – more true life stories, companion devotional book to God Is Good All The Time

Today, shut out the world for a few minutes. Treat yourself to one of these 31 short meditations. They include very human but inspiring true life stories. Each chapter is a gift of anecdotes, enriched with Scripture, and wrapped in a prayer to encourage your heart.

The real world offers enough troubles to keep life interesting. And devastating. We can become impatient for relief from our heartbreaking problems. But God achieves his purpose in delays as shown in these motivational and inspiring true life stories. People who enter His quiet — and linger to listen — soon realize he carefully prepares them for what lies ahead.

These inspiring true life stories of humor and pathos are woven together with steadfast confidence in God’s wisdom and goodness. Scriptures chosen show how God brings into each believer’s life the people and events designed to conform that life to the image of Jesus Christ. Direct your gaze beyond today’s circumstances and toward heaven, the ultimate real hope that is God.

Excerpt from Hope Lives Here …

A girl expects to grow up to be a woman. A young woman tries to do well in her career, to be a good parent, to have a happy marriage. A friend writes to say she’s coming for a visit and you anticipate her appearance. The thrifty depend on the bank to keep their money secure. Newlyweds look forward to purchasing their own home. A retired couple plan to take a cruise. A farmer sows seed and envisions a harvest. We all have our hopes. However, a bank can be busted, romance can allude us, friends can have mishaps, children can go astray, jobs can be lost, thieves can break in, the young can die, the Titanic can sink, hailstones can wreck a crop. We all want and need a sure thing, a solid-as-Gibraltar kind of hope.

— from Hope Lives Here, true life stories & devotions by Janet Chester Bly

Scriptures and prayers and inspiring true life stories reveal how God allows things to happen that teach us his higher spiritual purpose. Discussion questions for individuals, study groups and book clubs at the end of each chapter.

Video of author Janet Chester Bly on the writing of devotional Bly books Hope Lives Here and God Is Good All the Time:

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